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I'm Frances.
I like pizza and metal.
I swear I'm completely normal.


(A)re you single?



(D)rink you last had:

(E)asiest person to talk to:

(F)avorite person:

(G)rossest thing that comes to mind:

(H)ome town:

(I)n love with:

(J)ealous of:

(K)nown as:

(L)ongest friendship:

(M)iddle name:

(N)ame of mom:

(O)ne wish:

(P)erson you…


Alice in Chains; Got Me Wrong

You, sugar taste
Sweetness doesn’t often touch my face
Stay, if you please
You may not be here when I leave

As of now I bet you’ve got me wrong


Led Zeppelin - Babe I’m Gonna Leave You [1969]

One of the baddest ass rock songs ever recorded…

28,885 plays 8,074 notes


Black Sabbath - God Is Dead?

2,167 plays 958 notes

We Die Young” by Alice In Chains

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